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Kira and the lovley Dina Soul; two great tastes that go together.

kira and the lovley dina soul two great tastes that go together porno video is created and produced by the best in the adult world content creator Baberotica. In this adult porn video role played by famous pornstar Jeff Milton (as known as by Aksinia Semiohina, Ksenia Barinova, Ksenia, Keira, Kira, Amanda Moore), Dina Soul.

We love surprises! When we get two hot babes together we like to see what happens. That is almost always a surprise for us. We never know what is going to happen and what the dynamic is going to be between them. Today we have the lovel Miss Kira, she is the one with short hair and the beautiful Miss Dina Soul. They have both been into our studios before to play but this is a first for us to have these two together in the same shoot. We are excited to see what kind of fun play they engage in and how is the more aggressive of the two. We had our money on Dina, and we think we were right but you watch the full video and tell us what you think. Do you think Dina took charge? Was Kira more submissive? Who was the one who was more grabby and touchy and had her mouth all over the other. For sure Dina had Kira on her knees bent over first. That was a lovely sight to see that lovely ass of Kira up in the air as Dina played with it. We were enjoying the massaging Kira got to her ass by Dina and then when she unsnapped her panties and pulled her ass cheeks open to get to her pussy slit! Yes! That was all great, and in the doggy position with a few slaps by Dina. Dina is the one who controlled all that until Kira had to have her mouth on Dina and got up and started kissing her mouth and then pulling down her top so she coudl get to her cute tits! We loved seeing Dina laid back with her top off and Kira sucking and grabbing and massaging her tits! That got us all hard as a rock. Then when she went down to her crotch… You will have to go see the full video to see how great that was and what Kira did to our hottie Dina’s pussy!

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